​Does Building Muscle Burn Fat?


Have you ever thought about growing your muscle? Maybe you’ve asked the question: “Does building muscle burn fat?”

I used to think that more muscle would make me bigger and look too muscular. No thanks! I want to be slim so I don’t want muscle. Do you have the same thinking I used to have?

Now, I realize that if you want to look muscular (let’s say level 5), it takes so much time and it’s not easy. You need to train yourself harder to get there. Then when you stop working out, the muscle leaves you pretty quickly.

Today, the muscle building I am talking about is building level 1 muscle which is not too hard. Moreover, it’s good enough to help you burn your fat. Or, you could say it’s building your shape/curves.

You won’t lose your feminine look (if some of you girls are worried about that) instead, it will definitely make you more sexy and more skinny than you currently are.

Seriously, I am not kidding. Toned arms will always look slimmer than “skinny fat” arms.

Muscle Up BMR Up

Muscle and BMR are VERY MUCH related. As I’ve said before, BMR (your basic metabolism) plays such an important role during weight loss. Higher BMR = Better Weight Loss Performance. What is the quickest way to raise your BMR? By building muscle!

When muscle is built, your BMR will be higher than before. Your body works and digests faster. Before, with a low inefficient BMR, your body is like a phone operating on low battery. It runs slowly when you press an app. Later, it dies without finishing tasks.

After charging, the battery power is back, you can press an app and it runs so quickly. You can even press more than one app, it still runs fast. It finished all the work you ask for. Our bodies work the same way. The more “power” your battery has (BMR), the more efficient it is at burning fat. Build muscle, burn fat.

Imagine you are eating dinner with low battery (lower BMR), you’ve tried your best and you could only burn 70% calories of that dinner, you couldn’t finish it at the end. Where are the other 30% of calories going? They transform to body fat and get saved inside your body!

Now, your when your BMR is fully charged, you eat the same dinner, you can burn 100% of the calories. Even if you eat more, you’re able to burn it all. High metabolism is like a full time worker, even when you are sleeping, it burns fat. People will get jealous about that because they don’t know you can have a secret weapon with you 24/7.

More Muscle Burns More Fat

Muscle and body fat are like competitors living inside your body.

When one gets more territory (%) of your body, the other gets less of it.

Think of muscle as like an aggressive army, body fat as a lazy army. When you do exercise, your muscle army is fighting (burning fat) more efficiently than your body fat army. It’s approximately 5~6 times quicker!

You don’t need to grow bulky muscle, you can just grow enough muscle to stay fit.

Firstly, if you are overweight now, you should lose weight. When you reach your goal with a healthy condition, you can start to build muscle.

You can go to hit the gym to do some lifting exercises. Or, it might be easier and flexible for you to do it at home, you can check this article.

After exercise, what are the right things for you to eat? I recommend them as below:


2.Protein-Based Nutrition – The source is better from soybeans, not animals. This is a useful helper to assist your body to build muscle. Or, sugar free soy drink is a second alternative.

3.Some Low GI Foods – Such as some whole wheat bread, refined food such as cake is definitely not a smart choice.

You get two hours to feed the right food to grow a more aggressive army. Don’t miss the timing.

Muscle is heavier than fat and with smaller volume. Once you get more muscle, your weight will naturally be a bit heavier, BUT you will be smaller. You will also feel your clothes are looser than before.

Stop measuring your weight every day on the regular scales that don’t show the bigger picture. I suggest you use a Tanita scale to check muscle and basal metabolic rate instead.

There’s a truly wonderful guide available online for burning fat and building muscle. This one by Tom Venuto is the number one selling guide online.


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