10 Things About Weight Loss You Probably Got Wrong

wrong-weight-lossWhen I was younger I wanted to lose a few kg/lbs to look better. I started my weight loss journey way back in my college days. More than half of my classmates wanted to lose weight desperately, so of course we shared tips and ideas. Facebook is another popular place for “tips” to be shared. I’m sure you know what I mean.

The problem is that as I’ve become more experienced, I’ve realized that most of these tips are wrong. They’re based on myths, misinformation, and false claims. Here are some of the most popular “untruths” about losing weight.

Maybe you’ve been doing it wrong all this time too.

Ten Things People Get Wrong

1. Thinking Dieting is Good – Especially for “beginner level” weight losers. They think weight loss is all about “eating less”. Their strategy is to starve themselves. They think as long as they don’t eat, they’ll lose weight. They simply don’t understand how the human body works. To learn more about what’s wrong with dieting, click here.

2. Thinking Exercising More Is Enough – Doing exercise is always good for a healthy body. It will “assist” you to lose weight but don’t rely solely on it. 80% good diet plus 20% doing exercise is a good combination for a long term slim life. But if you are too overweight, I suggest you don’t put too much pressure on your knees by doing some intense exercises. Start from simple exercise such as quick walking. Learn about exercising and weight loss.

3. Eating No Carbs–Many people think eating Carbohydrates will make them gain fat because their blood sugar will become higher and transform to body fat. This is true to a certain extent, but there are two types of carbs. If you choose right, you will be fine. In addition, our body needs carbs.

Good carbs and bad carbs:

What are good carbs? Carbs in their natural state including whey grain bread, cereals and pasta.

Complex carbs are good

Why are they good? Because they’re high in fiber and nutrients, they have low GI(Glycemic Index), they help you have more fuel with fewer calories and they naturally stimulate your metabolism.

What are bad carbs? They’re generally processed foods and the natural ingredient has been stripped. You can see lots of these products around you including candy& dessert, sugared cereals, sodas & sugary drinks and refined bread.

Simple carbs are bad

Why are they bad?Because they’re low in fiber and nutrients, they have high GI(Glycemic Index), they’re empty calories converted to fat, and they’ll give you high blood sguar levels (You’ll feel tired later).

Choose good carbs to eat! You can cut them down but not cut them out of your diet because you’ll only crave them more.

4. Eating No protein- Protein is one of the most important ingredients for our body. Without it, it’s hard to stay pretty and fit. Our hair, nails, muscle.. etc all comes from protein. All kind of meats are good with proper portions , without being fired and with light sauce. Apart from that, I also choose to drink nutritious protein shakes to make sure I get pure protein for my body. It comes from soybeans not from animals.

5. Eating “Apple Only” Meals –I tried this for three days. All apples, nothing else. “Detox” is a popular phrase for this. You will lose a few kilograms at the beginning. I remember it was 2 kg in my case. I was so happy, but it lasted such a short period. Extremely short. Only a week! It’s definitely not worth trying. There are other methods about just eating one certain type of food for certain days. I don’t recommend any of them. How silly I was!

6.Not Eating Food, Just Drinking Water – Don’t treat your body like that! It has been fed 3 meals a day regularly and all of sudden you stop feeding it. It will panic! It will think the war is coming and there is no food being provided. Your physical clock will be messy. It won’t know day or night. What your body is going to do is – stop the minor work and send all energy to keep you alive to fight the enemies which don’t exist. Meanwhile, it is waiting for when you provide food, it will try its best to absorb it 101% for the next war (or whatever “starvation” period you put it through). Remember, it’s impossible to lose weight when your body goes into panic mode.

7.Skipping Breakfast – Lots of people skip breakfast to reduce the calories. Unfortunately, this is the most important meal in the day. After 8 hours sleeping, your body is absolutely empty. All it needs is water and a healthy breakfast. So gently treat it with water when you wake up and feed it healthy breakfast. This will also kick-start your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

8.Taking Poor Quality Nutrition– I notice some people use nutrition to assist them to lose weight. Nowadays, due to the fact that there are so many pollutants in the world, foods are not as clean as usual. For me, to choose nutrition to lose weight is a simple way. It’s scientific to give your body pure ingredients. Importantly, you need to make sure that the source from seed to feed is guaranteed high quality. You don’t want to buy one with high commercial value with no good nutritional value, do you? Myself, I’ve relied on the same brand of nutrition for over 7 years. It assists me to control my body condition and body size more easily. I know I will continue to use it. If you need information about choosing nutrition, you are welcome to leave a message for me

9.Counting calories –A friend told me she downloaded the app and she calculated the intake of calories before she eats. She didn’t lose weight at the end because the number on the app isn’t accurate. Why? In reality, it’s just not easy to count. How do you measure the size? How many hidden sauces inside the food? Come on. You are already hungry and you need to worry about calories. It will drive you crazy some day. Here’s a simple suggestion; stop counting calories and just eat 80% of your current food intake and enjoy your meal!

10.Taking Diet Pills –It’s harmful for your body in any kind of ways. In college, my close friend took a diet pill. She lost 10 kg in 3 months. She reached her goal and she was so delighted. Then, she started to eat normal and she gained all her weight back so soon. The speed is like you’re blowing up a balloon. That fast! It feels like every piece of bread you eat or every spoon of soup you drink is making you bigger. That’s terrifying. Although she is much bigger than she was, she is scared to take it again. I will never recommend this.

I believe you want to chase long-term slimming and health, not just for the short-term. Good diet is the key point. It’s about well-balanced food with the right calories. Not just a small range of food, or you’ll be lacking some nutrients.

What is well-balanced food? A simple explanation is different types of foods for a meal. Try your best to eat different colors. What you eat in private, you wear in public!

For the best information on a balanced diet and the color of your food, I really recommend this book by Dr David Heber: What color is your diet?


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