5 Mistakes To Avoid When Maintaining Your Weight

weight loss mistakesYou’ve lost weight, what do you need to do next? Maintain the weight! Without this stage, your weight will bounce back as soon as you go back to your old eating habits. It’s a more difficult stage than losing weight. You need to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and enough sleep. You will also need a pair of scales to track your weight. This stage isn’t stable so your weight might increase. Don’t feel upset and deny yourself because when your body gets used to it, it’ll be much more stable. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when trying to maintain your weight.

1. Lack of planning – After you reach your ideal weight, you should gradually increase your daily caloric intake until your metabolism stabilizes and you stop losing weight. You should eat a balanced diet with a proper amount of protein, fats and carbs as well as a proper amount of vegetables and fruits. All nutrients will help you towards an optimum performance of weight maintenance.

2. Lack of exercise – Doing exercise plays an important role in weight maintenance. Try to do cardio exercise and strength training on a consistent basis. Cardio exercises conditions your lungs and heart. Strength training is to ensure you have good muscle tone. According to research, muscle tissue is more active than fat tissue when exercising. Which means it is easier to burn more calories when exercising.

3. Lack of sleep – When you are short of sleep, you feel tired the next day. You might be tempted to eat more to get more energy which is not a good idea. Also, you will find it difficult to control what to eat when you are physically and mentally tired.

4. Forgetting to measure yourself regularly– You need a pair of scales. You should weigh yourself and track on a daily basis or weekly basis in order to make sure you’re not gaining weight again.

5. Avoid negative self talk – Don’t feel upset and deny the efforts you’ve done if your weight increases. It may be water retention or your menstrual period. It might last you a couple of days or up to a week. Listen to the pace of your body. If your weight doesn’t decrease again then look at your calories intake and your exercise and take appropriate action.

It takes time to get your body into condition and will take work to maintain it. Make sure that you take sufficient exercise, watch your calorie intake, get enough sleep, monitor your weight and don’t get upset if your weight goes up temporarily. You can do it. Enjoy your new body.


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