6 Secrets You Need To Know To Boost Your Metabolism


Even if you are following a good diet, you may not be losing weight.   Have you ever wondered why? One of the keys is your metabolism. Low metabolism will affect your speed of weight loss. To boost it and get quicker results, here are some secrets. Don’t skip breakfast, eat more protein, eat more frequently and drink green tea. Moreover, increase your daily activity and use interval training to reach a higher metabolism.

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

After sleep, your body is in a power saving mode by slowing your metabolism. Eating first thing will help you to speed up your metabolism by giving it a good kick-start. A good breakfast should include good carbs like oatmeal or whole grain bread, egg whites, and fruit like bananas.

2. Eat More Protein

Your body uses the protein you eat to repair muscle tissue. If you don’t consume enough protein from your diet, your body simply can’t have the raw material to create and repair muscle cells. You can learn here

3. Eat More Frequently

Eat 5-6 meals a day. You don’t need to eat more but eat frequently. By doing this, your body knows its energy source is stable and it will burn more calories instead of storing it as fat for later use. This is a key factor in boosting your metabolism.

4. Drink Green Tea

Green tea has amazing fat burning ingredients. Numerous studies have shown that it’s positive effects on boosting metabolism.

5. Increase Your Daily Activity 

If you don’t like doing exercise, you can increase your activity whether it’s walking your dog or cleaning the house, move your body! You need to move your body to increase your metabolism. 

6. Try Interval Training

Have you ever noticed that some people do a lot of cardio but stop losing weight after a while? That’s because their metabolism has stabilized. Your metabolism can quickly adjust to fit its environment. To fix this try interval training, you start at a slow speed for few minutes and move up to a high speed and then back down. There are some ways to do it such as running and cycling. It’s to push your body to different level. If you do it correctly, you can really increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

These secrets are to boost your metabolism. Pay attention to your eating habits – don’t skip breakfast, eat more protein, eat frequently and drink green tea. Increase your daily activity and give interval training a go. Achieving a higher metabolism will definitely help you achieve quicker weight loss.


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