6 Side Effects You Should Know About If You Lose Weight Too Quickly

What’s the ideal amount of weight to lose every month? The answer is around 6.6 pounds ~ 11 pounds (around 3~5kg). To burn 1 pound of fat, you need a 3,500 calorie deficit. To plan to lose one pound a week, you need to burn 500 calories more than you eat a day. After 7 days you’ll lose 1 pound.

However, if you lose weight too quickly, it’s harmful to your health. You may experience side effects such as malnutrition, ageing, the loss of lean muscle, a decreasing metabolism, physical fatigue and the yoyo effect of dieting and quick weight gain. In extreme cases it could lead to serious and complex body problems.


1. Malnutrition

Drastic reduction of calories will lose important necessary vitamins and minerals. A good diet offers a wide range of foods. But if you just eat a narrow range of food your body is not able to get enough nutrition and it could affect your brain, hormones and nervous system.

2. Ageing

Rapid weight loss can cause changes in your appearance. Without enough nutrition and water, your skin will become dry, loose and wrinkly. Your hair will become dull. You’ll look older than your actual age. Besides, it’s likely to cause cellulite tissues on your skin especially on your thigh or bottom.

3. The Loss Of Lean Muscle

According to research, quick weight loss doesn’t mean only your fat mass goes, but you’ll also lose lean muscle and bone mass. Although you can lose some pounds, you won’t look smaller or fitter because you’ll lose the wrong part of your body. You should lose fat mass, not muscle.

4. A Decreasing Metabolism

Metabolism and muscle are pretty much related. When you lose lean muscle, at the same time it lowers your metabolism, you won’t be able to easily lose weight in the future. In order to not decrease your metabolism, you should keep/grow muscle.

5. Physical Fatigue

When you restrict your calorie intake too much, you may suffer fatigue. In order to survive, you use up all your energy. It’s really common to feel irritable and impatient. You could pass out from this extreme dieting and poor nutrition.

6. Yoyo Effect

Forcing your body to lose weigh in a very short time will cause it to fight back as soon as you stop the diet. The revenge is to absorb everything you eat and store them for the future. You end up putting much more weight on than before. Don’t attempt to fight with your body. The yoyo effect is a nightmare after losing weight.

Final Thoughts

Losing weight too quickly causes too many side effects. You can enjoy the quick results for just a very short time but it messes up your body. Some side effects could harm your body forever. All of these negative effects do not make quick weight loss worthwhile.

Hence, you can’t rush it!

If you follow a balanced diet, you don’t lose your beauty, you don’t use up all your energy and you can keep up the weight. The POSITIVE “side effect” is you’ll lose weight at a reasonable speed without turning on the alerts from your body!


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  1. Yes you are right but you can control it using drinking juice.

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