7 Tips On Eating A Low Glycemic Index Diet To Lose Weight

low-giGlycemic Index (GI) is a measurement of how quickly blood sugar rises after eating a particular food. Eating low GI foods is one of the easiest ways for dieters to eat healthily and lose weight. Eating this way, the level of your blood sugar doesn’t rise up rapidly. Because the level of blood sugar is more stable, you’ll feel your cravings for food go away. So, you won’t gain weight and you also feel fuller for longer periods of time.

Low GI = 55 or less
Medium GI = 56 – 69
High GI = 70 or more

You can lose significant weight by following tips on eating low GI foods.

 1. Breakfast

You can choose to eat all-bran cereal mixed with skimmed milk plus some fruit such as three slices of apples or bananas and some strawberries or blueberries.

2. Lunch

You can prepare a salad including all kinds of raw vegetables and some nuts. Also, you can eat a bean soup. Any kinds of beans are recommended because they are all in the low GI foods category.

3. Dinner

You can include lean meat or fish fillet and brown rice or wheat pasta with some mushrooms. You should also include a bowl of raw vegetables. If you still have cravings for high GI foods such as white rice, white bread, mashed potatoes, French fries or pizza, allow yourself to eat them in moderate portion and gradually cut them out of your diet. What is the right portion for you to eat high GI foods? Try to restrict them to the same size as your palm. Eat them as side dishes.

4. Snacks

Having snacks is like a small trick for your body. You won’t feel too hungry and eat too much at the next meal. You can eat some corn chips or oatmeal crackers or snicker bar or a cottage cheese for midday snack. If you feel hungry late at night, you can snack on a small serving of plain yogurt and put some cherries or grapes or nuts.

5. Beverages

Water is the best. If you don’t like drinking water all day, you can choose low caffeine coffee and tea or unsweetened tea or juice.

6. Eat good oil

Good oil is essential for dieters. Such as a moderate amount of olive oil, nuts, avocados  and OMEGA 3 supplement.

7. Find a website that lists which foods are low GI and which foods are high GI.

Remember them and they’ll help you deciding what to eat. Bear in mind that low GI doesn’t mean low calorie. Please eat in moderation.

If you are going to lose weight on a low GI diet, make sure that you are committed to it. No cheating! Although low GI food can assist you to lose weight, you still need to control the portions. So, plan your diet and go ahead!


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