Can Women Lift Weights Without Bulking?


We get asked this question a lot here at LoveBeingSlim. The truth is that most women don’t want to lift weights because they don’t want to get bulky. Now, I’m sure you don’t presume that just lifting weights once or twice will turn you into a muscle machine, but I also bet you don’t see the point in lifting weights. That’s just for guys who wanna bulk up right?

Well, no not at all!

One of the biggest myths online about women lifting weights is that they’ll bulk up. This just isn’t true. Women severely lack the testosterone required to grow their muscles that large. When have about 16 times as much as women. Even the MOST testosterone¬†heavy woman and the LEAST testosterone carrying man will still be some way apart.

You will have seen women with big muscles in the past, ones that have insanely bulky bodies to rival any man. These women got that with a LOT of hard work, and testosterone supplements. Unless you are actively putting the stuff into your body, bulking isn’t going to happen. Women just aren’t wired that way.

So Lifting Doesn’t Bulk Women – Then Surely There’s Even Less Point?

Wrong again. Lifting weights is something EVERY woman should do, because it often replicates exercises our bodies have evolved to do. We’re creatures that are used to heavy lifting, living active lives, and working out our bodies. Thousands of years of evolution is responsible for this. Lifting weights is a great way for everyone to get in shape, no matter their gender. For women, that means developing toned, fit muscles.

It’s also another great way of working out. Running machines and traditional aerobic exercises are great, but weight lifting, especially something like Kettlebells, are a great way of getting a killer all-round workout.

How Much Weight Lifting Is Needed?

To be honest, any amount you do is going to be beneficial. You don’t have to start becoming a weight lifting fanatic. You also don’t need to worry about the amount you can lift. That being said, women do tend to underestimate themselves and lift something lighter than they should. Here’s a rough guide.

If you are exercising regularly already, try incorporating weights into one of your sessions. It doesn’t really matter at this point how often you’re working out. The key is to have a balanced workout that encompasses your whole body.

Remember Nutrition

As well as lifting weights, and following a total-body workout routine, you want to make sure you have good nutrition to compliment your exercises. Remember how your body evolved. Exercise, being active, eating healthily are all the things that it has learned to do best. Give it all these things, and it will give you that shiny, healthy body tone that you will love!


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