Can You Lose Weight Walking? When Should You?

can-you-lose-weight-walkingCan you lose weight walking? Yes you can, but should you? That’s a more interesting question. Walking at a fast enough pace for 30 minutes or more daily is going to contribute to weight loss.

So Can You Lose Weight Walking?

If your heart is beating harder than usual and you start to sweat, then you are definitely doing something right. However, why walk? Is it not better to just go jogging or cycling? In most cases, of course it is! However, there are a few cases where walking might be the best thing for you:

  1. You go for a long walk after a big meal (Running would cause indigestion)
  2. You are pretty overweight, so running or cycling causes knee strain
  3. You have long/tight pants on, restricting your movements.
  4. You need to carry heavy items.
  5. You’re commuting to work and don’t want to get a big sweat on.
  6. You’re taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

In all of these situations, I’d say it’s better to walk than run. Equally, walking in these situations is likely to contribute to weight loss (except after a big meal, where it might just reduce weight gain instead!).

Remember, in order to lose weight, you need to be burning more calories than you are taking on. Walking keeps you active, which keeps you burning calories, and should contribute to weight loss.

However, if you are eating too much and eating unhealthily, it’s irrelevant. You need to make sure the calories that go into your body are low, and good for you.

A mixture of healthy eating and activity is ideal. If walking is the most active you can be (and for a lot of very overweight people, it is), then it’s absolutely better than doing nothing. Take those first steps (literally), towards weight loss by walking as much as you can.

Can You Lose Weight Walking A Small Distance Daily?

This one is a popular question, if someone was to walk 15 minutes daily, would it be enough? I actually think daily activity is much better than doing nothing for 6 days, and then having one big day of burn. After all, you are putting calories into your body daily, you need to burn them daily too.

As for whether 15 minutes is enough or not, it depends on the level of activity. A mild stroll isn’t going to cut it, but a high tempo “speed-walk” for 15 minutes is going to have a pretty positive effect.

We might just be splitting hairs though, as there is only so much weight you can lose walking. Maybe a few Kilograms per month at best.

If walking really is all you can manage, then by all means do it. We should all be walking as much as possible anyway, but don’t expect huge results.

Definitely look at nutrition supplements as well, because they can give you a massive weight loss boost.


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