Does Herbalife Work? – My Personal Experience

Before I let you know how Herbalife works, I’ll give you a brief introduction about the company. It’s a global nutrition company located in LA and the most well-known products are from their weight management program. All the products are based on science.

So far, the Herbalife company has opened 93 countries in the world. It’s a huge global company. Also, it’s the pioneer and leading brand among the nutrition industry.

I worked with Herbalife for over 4 years, so I know first-hand the pros and cons of the company. I’ll discuss this today.

Does Herbalife Work?


There’s absolutely no denying that Herbalife works. Millions of people have successfully taken Herbalife products and lost weight. It’s got the backing of lots of elite athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo above, and Lionel Messi and David Beckham before him.

However, Herbalife is also the “elite” brand among nutrition companies. It can be expensive. I’d also like to add that while many people succeed with it, many people also fail, so there’s no guarantee.

You could say that about all weight loss products/programs though. In the rest of this article I’d like to talk about some of the pros and cons of Herbalife, as well as recommend you the core products.

Pros Of Herbalife

1.) It’s an industry leader.


Herbalife is at the top of its game and one of the leaders in the industry. This is a multi-billion dollar company, not to be taken lightly.

They sponsor some of the top athletes in the world, and have been helping people for nearly 40 years. Most of the lesser known nutrition companies are copycats, Herbalife is the original.

2.) It’s nutrition.

There’s no gimmick or revolutionary new trick involved in Herbalife. It’s just plain science-backed nutrition. It makes sense that if you give your body the right ingredients, it will take care of itself right? Well that’s the Herbalife motto.

At the end of the day, if you do follow the program and put the good stuff into your body, you’re very likely to reach your goals

3.) You can get it very cheap if you buy in bulk.

The MLM aspect of the business means that you can get great bulk discounts and save 50% of the retail price by joining up and moving through the levels.

This isn’t something that’s easily done though, so it’s up to you to determine whether this is a real advantage or not.

You can also find it discounted on places like Amazon.

Recommended Product #1 - Formula 1 Shake

The ultimate nutrition shake. Whether you want to feel healthier, lose weight, or have a quick and energetic start to the day, this shake will give you what you need. Use two spoons with either milk or water, and mix well. Vanilla, Chocolate and Cookies & Cream are the most popular flavors.

Recommended Product #2 - Herbal Tea

does herbalife work

This is a herbal tea that will give you more energy, while raising your metabolism enough to help you burn calories, even while you're sitting in the office. It's also enjoyable hot or cold.

Cons of Herbalife

1.) It’s an MLM.

A lot of distributors end up putting pressure on their customers to keep buying products and to buy in bigger amounts. Yes, this will help you save money in the long run, but unless you find a good, patient distributor (there aren’t a lot of them), you might find yourself getting burned out to the whole “Herbalife thing” pretty fast.

You’ll also get invited to lots of meetings. Yawn.

You can get around this though by buying from Amazon and not worrying about sales tactics.

2.) It can get expensive.

Herbalife isn’t the cheapest nutrition company out there, but when you do the math, it’s still not bad.

As a meal replacement, it beats normal food, and is a lot better for you too. However, you will need to be willing to invest in your health and continue to drink Herbalife for a few months before you see real results, so you better have some room in your budget.

Common Truths For Weight Loss

Regardless of whether you use Herbalife or one of the alternatives we recommend above, you need to consider the following things if you want success.

Your Attitude

If you want to make a change, you have to commit to yourself and you do it persistently. You need to follow it every day, and a couple of months later, you will be different.

Don’t overestimate the result you’ll get after a week and underestimate the result you’ll get after a year.

Once you’ve made a commitment, your chances for success are infinitely higher.

If you’ve done that, which method you use is a lot less important.


To answer the question once more, YES Herbalife works. Do I recommend it? Yes.


Drinking a Herbalife shake for breakfast and dinner will be enough to help you lose weight, as long as you don’t snack too much in between. 

Recommended Product #1 - Formula 1 Shake

The ultimate nutrition shake. Whether you want to feel healthier, lose weight, or have a quick and energetic start to the day, this shake will give you what you need. Use two spoons with either milk or water, and mix well. Vanilla, Chocolate and Cookies & Cream are the most popular flavors.

Recommended Product #2 - Herbal Tea

does herbalife work

This is a herbal tea that will give you more energy, while raising your metabolism enough to help you burn calories, even while you're sitting in the office. It's also enjoyable hot or cold.

Recommended Product #3 - Aloe Vera Concentrate

Aloe is one of those products that is good for you all around. The main point about Aloe Vera is that it helps with your digestion, and can help repair damage caused to the intestines by too much coffee, beer or cigarettes. It's also a delicious drink that makes a nice alternative to water.



  1. Yes I would like a program meal plan. I have not started this plan as of yet.

  2. never-mind, I got it..Thanks!

  3. Hi, i just started on the herbalife meal replacement once a day. For breakfast i have cereal and low fat milk, i have the shake for lunch with a fruit. When i get hungry between my meals i have tap water. What i’m not sure about is when i have dinner, what types of meals should i have so that my body does’nt absorb and store all the calories. I’m really over weight n really need to lose it. I also go to gym for an hour between breakfast and lunch.

  4. Hi Reshman! I’m an Herbalife nutrition & wellness supervisor, I noticed your comment and wanted to give you some input since no one replied. First of all, the person who sold you the product should be coaching you. If not, you should approach them it is their job. Secondly, if you are overweight and really looking to lose weight the best thing to do is 2 shakes a day and one clean meal with your other products. If you snack choose wisely. Also if you insist on the 1 shake a day and 2 meals-let me suggest swerving away from the cereal and milk and substitute this with some egg whites and one regular egg. For example 2 egg whites and one whole egg. Then add some turkey bacon or ground turkey and maybe a carb like oatmeal and fruit. This will keep you fuller longer and will be more resourceful to your weight loss. For dinners try to eat before 6. You will do best to stick with lean proteins like turkey burger patties, ground turkey, grilled chicken or fish filets or shrimp! Avoid heavy carbs like grains and if you need carbs do brown rice or something of that nature. Be sure to load your plate with vegetables! They are good carbs and if you eat them earlier your body will have an easier time metabolizing. If you need any suggestions or help don’t hesitate to contact me-I’m here to help anyone! Like the article said some distributors suck and are in it for tr money. Others really do care.

    • Hi Morgan,

      Can you please help me? My herbalife coach said I should also do exercises. What kind of exercises would you recommend. I’m on a shake 2 times day and I mostly have grilled chicken for dinner and my lots of veggies. Sorry to be asking you, but she’s quite a busy person and I hardly get ahold of her. And also, can I have fat free yoghurt in between meals. I get very hungry and my tummy hurts. What do you recommend. Thanks.

  5. Hi Morgan,
    Indeed the Herbalife products are wonderful, I have always loved them. I wanted to have some details about their usage for pregnant women. Of course not for weight loss, but for healthy pregnancy and to have a nutritious diet. Do you recommend consuming the Herbalife products during pregnancy? and if yes, which one’s?

  6. Hi my daughter is 4 year old and her weight is 9 kg she is under weight and she is not eating properly if she eating then she is vomiting please tell me about this thanks

  7. Hi. I just started mines last week and I love it. I lost 5lbs. In two weeks I’m about to lose 10lbs. I can’t wait until I can buy some clothes.

  8. Patricia Martinez says:

    Yes just started Herbalife I’m on my 4th day I have tea and a shake for breakfast and eat a meal for lunch and then a tea and shake for dinner and at dinner time I cook regular for my husband and I sit with him and I have cut up green apple and orange how long before I see results.. Patricia Martinez..

  9. MORGAN I strongly agree with you my couch was really rude to me she hurt my feelings because I didn’t buy my monthly shake and tea she also told me I was just wasting her time if I wasn’t gonna buy the herballife product so I stop going with her and stop buying the product I spend so muych money on herballife its worth it but her attitude was no good she was really rude…..

  10. Waste of time. Waste of money. Money black hole for lazy fat people. Just eat less and exercise. Donate the savings to charity of u really need to pretend to feel that good.

  11. moira hilling says:

    I would love 2 join but I don’t like milk or those shakes, I wish I did. is there a shake like a juice please.

  12. Elizabeth C USA says:

    I have been using Herbalife for a week now. My situation is pretty different because as though I do not look overweight although I weighed 189 (I am 5’3) at starting. Before my plan to lose weight I never watched what I ate and pretty much consumed anything I was craving, which in retrospect is super unhealthy…well week 1 of the plan of 2 shakes a day and usually a chicken salad or soup, I have already made process. My husband says the places where I was carrying my weight are smaller and also astonishingly it helped me lose cellulite. I know that, sometimes our supervisors are really pushy about being a distributor so I lost contact with mine, but I did buy a membership so I just order the products like the shake, the tea, vitamin and sometimes the extra stuff like snacks or sleep help. By the way, I am in the US which has a high obesity rate, so most of our lifestyles aren’t giving us the right nutrition to be at maximum health. I suggest giving it a try, it’s hard for the first week but after it becomes a pattern and then second nature. Boom your healthy!

  13. Will Saunders says:

    I signed up to be a distributor, but I only distribute to myself. I buy my own products when I need them, so I do not get pressure from anybody to buy more. I never get invited to meetings. I’m my own Herbalife Island. It’s great. I see success. I typically do it this way: one day I’ll have 2 shakes and a meal – with two mini snacks; next day I’ll have one shake and two meals, with two mini snacks; next day I’ll have three shakes (one for each meal) and two mini snacks; then the next day I’ll have no shakes and three meals and two mini snacks. I love supplementing it all with the Herbalife herbal teas, which are good either hot and cold. I love Herbalife and as a catalyst for achieving my health and nutrition goals.

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