Healthy Things To Eat For Breakfast

healthy-things-to-eat-for-breakfastWant to find more healthy things to eat for breakfast? You might be surprised by this article then. A lot of the things that we regard as healthy, or at least wholesome, are not the ideal breakfast at all.

People tend to focus on the wrong things, and it sets them up for a day of energy crashes, hunger cravings, and worst of all, fat gain.

It’s all about avoiding bad carbohydrates.

Generally speaking, carbs aren’t the worst thing we put in our body, especially good carbs from things like fruit or whole wheat bread. However, when you start the day with carbs, you’re asking for trouble.

I’ve explained more about the issues with a carb-based breakfast before.

Basically, when carbs are broken down in your body, your blood-sugar level rises. This isn’t all bad, but if your blood sugar gets too high, it causes your body to release insulin, removing all the sugar from your body, turning it to fat, and leaving you feeling hungry and sleepy.

Ever get hungry or sleepy about 11am? Why doesn’t your breakfast keep you full for longer? Learn more here.

So then, onto the good things to have for breakfast.

You don’t have to totally avoid carbs, but definitely make sure you choose the right type.

Good carbs fill you up and keep you eating a healthy lunch (and avoiding snacks). Bad carbs make you crave more carbs.

Another option (as outlined in the links above) is to just have a protein based breakfast. It’s pretty hard, because most things are carb-based!

Healthy Things To Eat For Breakfast

Here are some things that are definitely acceptable:

  1. Oatmeal – good for your heart and full of other fibery goodness. Oats give you a lot of nutrients that are hard to get elsewhere.
  2. Greek¬†yogurt¬†– lots of protein and delicious. You’ll feel fuller than you expect (especially if you are used to carbs)
  3. Grapefruit – touching up on what we were saying earlier about blood sugar and insulin, grapefruit is a natural combatant to this. Great for slimming down.
  4. Bananas – a great example of ‘good carbs’ which keep you full. Mix it with cereal or even oatmeal.
  5. Eggs – very good for you, protein, vitamin D and the cholesterol isn’t as big a deal as people one thought.
  6. Nutrition shakes – these things have come a long way in recent years, they taste amazing, keep you full, and contain ALL the nutrition you’ll ever need.

What do we eat for breakfast at love being slim?

Well, of course we saved the best for last in the above list. Between us we’ve had a nutrition shake every morning since 2009. That’s right, exactly the same breakfast for 4 years. OK, so we mix the flavors up and add fruit sometimes, just the basics are exactly the same.

The reason we’ve been able to stick with the same thing day in day out is because of what it does for us. We can wake up, spend about two minutes preparing it, drink it down (fast or slowly), then get on with our days. It’s almost instant, and we love it.

So while there are plenty of healthy things you can eat for breakfast, not just limited to the list above, we can’t recommend anything other than our shakes.

However, not all shakes are created equal, and unfortunately most store bought shakes are just marketing hype, and have little substance. To avoid a debate between various commentators in the comments section below, fill out the form on this page if you want to learn more.

The other reason we’d love you to contact us via that form, is because nutrition and health is a personal thing, different people require different levels of nutrition, and different recipes for their breakfast shakes. Honestly, it’s not as complicated as it seems, but it does require one on one assistance to get it right.

If you’d prefer to just have an average breakfast, go with the Greek yogurt.

Whatever you do, make sure you look at breakfast the right way.


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