How To Slim Down Your Face – Five Easy Steps


It can truly be frustrating not knowing how to slim down your face. It’s not like there is a secret technique or a magic method though. Looking after your face is the same as looking after any part of your body. If you give it what it needs, it will give you what you want.

Here at love being slim, we often get asked how to work on different parts of our body. “I want to lose my belly flab” or “I want toned legs” are other examples. Today we are focusing on the face, but really, it all comes down to the same thing. The right lifestyle.

Let’s get right into it. Here are our five easy steps for slimming down your face.

How To Slim Down Your Face Step One – Watch What You Eat

Here’s a simple way of understanding it. When the skin around your face replenishes and repairs itself (very often), it uses the ingredients you’ve fed it to do so.

If you’re eating junk food, your facial skin cells are going to be repaired from junk food ingredients.

Doesn’t really sound like something you want to be doing..does it?

Cutting out junk food from your diet (or at least cutting down), and increasing your intake of nutrition will be a huge step towards slimming down that face. Don’t focus on a particular ingredient, just make sure you get all the nutrition you need – we recommend a good breakfast for this.

Step Two – Exercise

It really doesn’t have to be a huge amount of exercise, it just has to be often. This is the mantra of Love Being Slim. Be consistent.

A little bit every day is ALWAYS better than doing a lot, and then quitting.

To slim down your face, don’t just focus on face exercises (whatever they are!), just make sure you are keeping active and burning calories.

Step Three – Sleep Earlier

One of the biggest causes of a face looking pudgy and unhealthy is a lack of sleep. We are in the habit of going to bed too late and not sleeping enough. Somebody who sleeps for 8 hours and goes to bed before 12 is probably going to look a lot healthier than someone who sleeps for 10 hours but not until 2am. That’s just the way our bodies work.

Follow a regular sleeping pattern as well.

Step Four – More Nutrition

Everybody thinks they eat quite healthily already. It might be true, but to slim down your face you need to go that extra mile. Losing weight with nutrition works on the same concept. The more nutrition you take in, the more your body has to work with.

Your face will be the first place that this is noticeable.

When I first started to drink nutrition shakes for breakfast, people commented on how healthy I looked within a few days.

Protein Shakes For Women

Step Five – Don’t Look For A Special Product

There are so many moisturizers and oils that are supposed to slim down your face these days. I’m really not convinced that they work. They might give the illusion of being slimmer, or add a shine to your face that makes it look radiant.

It’s all designed to keep you using it though. If you really got a slimmer look out of it, you wouldn’t need to use it anymore.

Read up more about nutrition here, and save yourself buying more unnecessary products.


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