How To Tone Your Body?

woman-with-toned-bodyWhat Kind Of Body Is Toned?

When you say someone is good looking, you might think the person is slim. However, if you look in more detail, you will notice it’s more than that. Being slim is good but a bit plain and boring I would say.

Those people’s bodies are toned

When you think of movie stars such as Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher and James Bond’s Daniel Craig, are they good looking? Yes. How about Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and Halle Berry? Good looking too? Yes. All of them have something in common.

Do you know what it is? They all look so fit and toned. Do they have fat on their bodies? Yes. But it isn’t loose. It’s because they work out.

They don’t want bulky muscle though like Schwarzenegger or Stallone. The size they are at now is just right to attract people’s attention.

Being toned is more stylish and sexy I would say. What kind of exercises do you need to do to get that Hollywood look? You can learn here.

What Do You Drink After You Work Out?

After exercise, you sweat and it causes you lose some body salts like sodium and potassium, they need to be replaced.Water is easy to replace because you will be eating food and drinking afterwards. You will probably get sodium and potassium from your foods too.

Even better, you can choose a sports drink, because it offers both and also carbs. Some of them have protein in which you also need.

You Need Protein After A Workout

A bit of protein is important. It can help you recover and stimulate muscle repair and the growth. You can choose to eat a meal contains protein and healthy carbs

Ideal recipe such as a sandwich on whole grain bread plus a dish of yogurt and fruits, or a protein shake made with milk and fruit, or a specially formulated recovery drinks.

You Need Carbs After A Workout

Eating good carbs is needed. Don’t be afraid! Carbs are the primary fuel that keep your muscles working. Through exercise, you’ve burned a lot of carbs and they need to be replaced. It’s important to refuel as soon as you can.

Healthy carbs are like all kinds of vegetables, fruits, whole grains cereals/bread, potatoes, brown rice, etc…. Generally, unprocessed carbs products are good choices to replace. Try to avoid processed carbs like fast food. These don’t contribute to building toned muscle.

Work out regularly and choose to eat good food. You’ll transform your body to be a toned and sexy one soon.

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