How To Use Herbalife

using-a-herbalife-shakeUsing Herbalife products can be so simple. You can just buy some essential products and you can lose weight amazingly. Here I’ll share how to simply use one product, which is the Herbalife nutrition shake, to achieve your goal. No matter if your purpose is to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight, it’s all suitable to use this nutrition shake, but you need to use it correctly.

What’s good about the Herbalife shake?

It’s a very popular product. The ingredients come from plants so it’s also suitable for vegetarians. It helps you to control your calories, meanwhile it offers essential vitamins and minerals, with carbs and protein. The advantage is the value of its nutrition per serving is the same as a healthy meal, however, the calories are much lower. It’s a simple and healthy alternative to a high calorie breakfast, lunch or dinner.

How To Use Herbalife To Lose Weight

Drinking a shake gives your body nutrition, but very low calories. Consuming low calories is important for weight loss, however good nutrition is essential for weight loss too. You don’t want to lose your beauty or health after you lost weight. There’s no point to lose weight if you become ugly afterwards.

By drinking shakes, you’ll get not only good nutrition, but also have a calorie deficit every day. You’ll still feel full, you’ll have plenty of energy, and you’ll be losing weight! When you reach a calorie deficit of 7,700 cal, you can lose 1 kg. This could take about a week per kg.


Use nutrition shakes to REPLACE two meals a day, it doesn’t really matter which two meals but I recommend you to replace breakfast as one of them. The shakes are a good fuel to switch on your metabolism for the day. Have two shakes plus a healthy meal a day, the weight will fly off!

Some people find the concept of replacing two meals a day with shakes daunting, but trust me, it’s worth it. Once you start to see results and feel energetic and full, you’ll realize it is easy to keep going.

Here’s An Example

My ex-colleague is 50 years old and she was overweight, so I taught her how to use the products. She was committed and she lost 15 kg in 6 months. I was thrilled for her because it was a big achievement for a lady who is already 50 years old.

How To Use Herbalife If You Want To GAIN Weight

Gaining weight is actually a more difficult issue than losing weight. Seriously! For people who can’t gain weight, no matter how much you eat, your body doesn’t seem to gain even 1 gram! It’s not luck, it’s actually a digestive problem.

The key is you need something to fix your digestive system so you can absorb the nutrition and calories from foods you eat. A nutrition shake is a great solution. It helps you to fix your digestive system and build lean muscle, you’ll gain weight healthily.


Take nutrition shakes 3 times daily AFTER your 3 meals. If you feel too full after a meal, you can drink it later but keep it within 1 hour. Avoid garbage foods and eat good meals, consisting of good carbs, vegetables and meats such as chicken or beef. Just by doing this and “doubling up” on your intake, you’ll gain weight and have a lot of extra energy and health too.


My brother and boyfriend suffered the “too-skinny-problem”, they ate quite a lot but the food didn’t contribute to their weight, it contributed to the toilet instead. My brother gain 10 kg and my bf has gained 12 kg now. Both of them reached their ideal weights. The most important thing is that their weight is stable, and not being lost again.

Finally, If You Want To Maintain Weight

One important thing about a weight loss (or gain) period is that you need a maintenance period afterwards. Many diets fail because as soon as someone reaches their ideal weight, they go back to the old habits and undo all that hard work. You can use Herbalife shakes for a couple of months during the maintenance period and after that, your weight will become more stable.


During this period, you can’t completely stop using the shakes yet but you can reduce the amount. Use shakes to replace 1 meal a day. This stage is letting your body get used to your new weight and getting you used to new habits.


Myself! I’ve maintained my weight for over 7 years. My ex-colleagues, my brother and my bf, all of us have maintained our weights well. We enjoy food and we also maintain our weight well.

Using Herbalife shakes correctly will help you to achieve your goals. Pay attention to the right timing to use them. Follow the tips, stay persistent and be patient. You’ll lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight very well!



  1. While taking Herbalife shake what are all foods to be avoided. How much time do we exercise. What are all foods to be taken daily

  2. Maria Britnell says:

    Hi Sandra

    I am using Herbalife and have been on the plan since February this year. I use soya unsweetened milk for breakfast shake I have a small salad with either ham or mackerel for lunch and then a shake. Dinner is usually chicken, veg and sometimes I have a sweet potatoes. Just recently I have been adding 2 spoons of shake to porridge, still having my small salad and shake for lunch then dinner. I have lost about 8 pounds and seem to have changed shape a little but I feel as if the weight has been very slow coming off and I have not lost a stone in weight yet. Am I using the product properly. My supplier weighs me and keeps me motivated but I feel as if I should be a lot lighter by now.

  3. GREAT POST!! Finally someone who answered my questions. thanks!!

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