Ideal Body Weight For Men

ideal body weight for menThe ideal body weight for men is hard to define. It really depends who you are asking and what “system” they’re using. Ethnicity comes into play as well. Someone might be considered obese in Asia but within acceptable ranges in America.

It’s crazy really, obesity should be measured according to body fat percentage, not national averages, but there you go.

Like I said, it really depends who you ask.

The Ideal Body Weight For Men – Check Yours Below

Therefore, the ranges I’m going to display below are just guidelines, and not to be taken as a direct science. Still, there can’t be much debate about whether or not somebody is overweight, except for those people on the margins.

Take a look at the chart below and see where you fit in.

ideal body weight for men

If you’re well within the “green”, then you can relax, your weight seems fine. Remember though that the most important gauge is body fat percentage, so do make sure to get that checked too where possible.

How To Improve Your Weight

If your body fat or weight is not in the green, then I strongly suggest improving it.

Since the main reasons for doing this are health related, there’s absolutely no way I’ll recommend any way to lose weight other than through nutrition. It might be a little bit slower than usual, but it’s much more sustainable, easy to succeed with, and infinitely safer than a crash diet or exercise spree (although we do recommend light exercise too).

To learn more about losing weight with nutrition, read our page dedicated to this very topic.

How To Check Your Body Fat Percentage?

There are a few ways to do this, ranging from Tanita scales to Calipers and other strange devices. I personally prefer the Tanita way because you get so much additional information too, muscle mass, metabolic rate, bone mass, total body water, and visceral fat.

The last one, visceral fat, refers to the amount of fat surrounding your internal organs and belly. It’s quite possible for someone to have normal body weight, normal body fat, but high visceral fat. This it’s what’s known as “skinny fat”, more common in women, but still noticeable in men.

Visceral fat isn’t easy to reduce with exercise alone, so nutrition is vital if you have particularly high numbers.

The ideal range for body fat and visceral fat for men are as follows:

Body Fat %: 15-24

Visceral Fat: 4-6

Again, please remember that these are just guidelines and certainly shouldn’t be taken as medical advice.

Your Action Points

I’ve decided to put together a quick cheat sheet for what you can do after checking your weight against this chart.

  1. If your weight is fine, try to check your body and visceral fat too to make sure internally you are also fine.
  2. If your weight or fat percentage needs improving, learn about losing weight with nutrition, and try to add more exercise and activity to your routine immediately.

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