Ideal Body Weight For Women

ideal body weight for womenI’d like to start out by highlighting the fact that the ideal body weight for women is not an EXACT number, but more a range based on various guidelines. Everybody has a different body and health conditions, so there will always be exceptions to the rule.

Furthermore, various different institutions offer differing ranges, making it pretty confusing to most of us!

I’m going to go into this further below, but first I want to talk aobut some of the other things that are equally as important (if not more) as body weight.

Is The Ideal Body Weight For Women The Most Important Thing?

It doesn’t all come down to this. There are various other factors that you should consider too:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle mass
  • Visceral fat (internal organ and belly fat)
  • Bone mass
  • Metabolic rate

These should all be “in the green” as well, and things like visceral fat and body fat are arguably more important to your health than your overall body weight.

It IS possible to be within the ideal range, yet have high body and visceral fat.

This is particularly noticeable in Asia, where obesity rates (measured on body weight) are considered low, yet diseases caused by fat and unhealthiness are relatively high.

For a woman, the ideal body fat percentage is 21-27% or a little bit higher if you are above 40 years old., too low or too high can lead to health problems in the long term. Try to reduce this by taking more nutrition and less junk food, as well as exercising and sleeping within the recommended time frames.

Visceral fat is harder to reduce, but the ideal amount actually depends what machine you are using to measure. Tanita make the most popular machines, and each one has its own manual explaining the range.

You can use a Tanita scanner to measure all of the above mentioned rates as well.

So What About The Ideal Body Weight For Women?

Yes, let’s get to this now!

As I explained before, it’s more of a “range”, so I’ve included a chart below and you can see where you fit into the range.  (The numbers in the squares are your BMI)

ideal body weight for women

As you can see, there is a fair amount of “wiggle room” and as I mentioned already above, you should focus on body fat percentage more than overall weight.

However, being in the green on this chart is definitely not a bad thing, and being in the red is definitely not a good thing, so do your best to lose or gain some weight as necessary.

We always recommend nutrition for losing weight, it also helps balance out your body and get your body fat under control too.


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