How To Increase Energy Naturally

how to increase energy naturallyThe problem with a lot of energy drinks is that they are filled with chemicals or other ingredients that we aren’t really looking for. They also end up leaving you with a “crash” once their effects have worn off. It’s much better to learn how to increase energy naturally, because you will be able to benefit from all round increased productivity and activity, not just random energy spikes here and there.

Boosting energy naturally is basically a case of changing a few things in your diet and everyday habits. Sleeping late isn’t going to be doing you any favors, so that’s the first thing to look at. The second most important thing to look at, is your breakfast.

How To Increase Energy Naturally? Change Your Breakfast

Everybody has heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One thing that a lot of people don’t put much stock into though, is WHAT their breakfast is. It’s not just a case of “OK, I’ve eaten breakfast, let’s go to work!”, you need to make sure you are giving yourself the right breakfast.

Take a look at our post on this very thing and you’ll be surprised what you might not have known previously.

To summarize it here, the wrong breakfast will start a cycle of energy going up and down all day, as your blood sugar and insulin levels try to balance each other out to meet your body’s demands.

By the way, skipping breakfast has the same effect. Nice try.

Improve Your Diet

Similar to the breakfast tangent is the concept of eating healthily. It shouldn’t’ take a genius to know that somebody who always eats healthily is going to have more natural energy than someone who eats junk food (apart from when the sugar rush is on!), but it doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul that will fix your energy.

Simply increasing your intake of nutrition, through supplements (or breakfast) or careful planning of a meal once a day is going to be a massive boost.

Nutrition and energy starts every single morning when your body wakes up empty, so eating healthily once a week and ignoring the rest of the days is pretty much pointless.

I make sure I get a great breakfast every single day (the correct breakfast) and then go from there. I don’t worry too much about what I eat the rest of the time, within reason.


The more you exercise, the easier every day life becomes. If you are stuck in a rut and can’t even find the energy to exercise though, then make a few of the above changes first. If all else fails, just start off small with some light exercise. Your body will become fitter and as you shape up you will find being active is naturally easy.


As well as the above changes, there ARE supplements you can take that will give you an energy boost naturally, without resorting to chemicals or caffeine.

Guarana is a great natural energy booster, so drinking some Guarana tea is going to do you wonders. In fact most “green” tea is going to give you some natural boosts too as well as some much needed antioxidants.

There are various other natural products you can buy, but be careful to check the ingredients. Some of them might give you a natural boost but will also give you some unhealthy things too (Guarana chocolate anyone?).

Like I said, it’s best to just start with the basics such as a healthy breakfast, and move on from there.


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