Lose Weight Drinking Water With These Easy Tips

lose-weight-drinking-waterLots of people are scared to drink water during weight loss because they think it will increase their weight. The truth is you have to drink water every day and especially during weight loss. It’s not really surprising to know, is it?

Lose Weight Drinking Water – Why Do We Need It?

Think about your body. 60-70% of your body is water. As you can see, it’s a very high percentage of your body. It’s important. When you eat, you swallow and it delivers the food and digests it. Later, you go to toilet. This whole journey needs water.

Here’s a small tip to check if you drink enough water. When you pee, the color should be light yellow which means you are healthy. If it’s darker, you should drink more.

What is your ideal water consumption?

To keep it simple you can remember it’s between 2000 cc to 3000 cc a day.

More specifically, you can personalize it and that depends on how much activity you need to do during the day:

Light activity -> If you’re an office worker (for example), you can drink your weight in KG x 35 cc per day.
Middle activity -> If you’re a student, your weight x 50 cc per day
Heavy activity -> If you’re an athlete, your weight x 70 cc per day.

Are you surprised to know that you need to drink that much water?

Well, don’t put that much pressure on yourself for now. Set it as your goal and try to increase it gradually. You will reach your goal soon enough. Start out by just trying to drink an extra 500cc (half a litre) per day. When your body gets used to it, it will ask you to drink more automatically. You’ll feel thirsty more often. This is a good thing!

Water that comes from natural juice counts as well. Sugary drinks, beer, soda or coffee don’t count. Sorry!

Why does water affect weight loss?

One of the reasons for weight loss failure is that their BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is too low.

If the speed of weight loss is slow or sometimes not even moving, it’s frustrating, isn’t it? Many people still don’t know that drinking water helps. Now you know the truth. Once you reach your ideal water consumption, your basal metabolic rate ( BMR) will rise. That means your body works for you better.

Then, if you eat more healthily, you do easy exercise more regularly…

You will lose weight !

**Tip: If you don’t like to drink plain water, cut some slices of lemon and put them into water to add some flavor. **


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