Lose Weight Easily And Healthily – The Right Way

Diet weight loss concept. Fresh salmon steakHave you ever tried to count how many different websites there are showing you how to lose weight easily and healthily? Let me tell you, it’s an impossibly large number. That’s the problem with this industry, you get a lot of people chasing a fast dollar with the latest gimmick, fad, or even scam.

Why are we adding to the list of websites telling you how to do it? Simple.

We need more people talking about the right way to lose weight. We need to fight the tide of misinformation and downright lies.

Now that we’ve put some pressure on ourselves..

..Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can lose weight effectively and whether or not they are easy or healthy.

Lose Weight Easily And Healthily – Your Options

1.) Dieting

This is probably one of the methods that most people turn to first when it comes to weight loss. It makes sense that if you put less in your body, you will lose weight, but it’s not as simple as that. Eating less means your metabolism slows down too, so you take on fewer calories, but you burn fewer too. Pretty counter productive.

Additionally, starving your body of fuel definitely isn’t healthy, and as for easy, well, it depends how well you can tolerate a grumbling stomach.

Generally, I’d say that dieting has a low success rate and an ever lower ‘keep it off’ rate.


Easy: No.

Healthy: No.

2.) Exercise

This is definitely a far superior method to dieting. You don’t starve your body, but you DO increase your metabolism and burn a lot more calories. If you can manage to follow a routine for a long enough period, and don’t find yourself taking on a lot more food, exercise is your best option.

It also makes sense that as our culture exercises less and is less active in the workplace, it becomes more obese. This is a big testament for the power of exercise.

Exercise is of course incredibly healthy and keeps your heart fit and strong too. It’s not just great for weight loss, It’s the closest thing nature has to a ‘cure-all’.

Sadly, I don’t think exercise is that easy for most of us these days. Whether it’s finding the time, or having the consistency, or even desire, most of us fall drastically short.


Easy: No.

Healthy: Yes.

3.) Diet Pills or Other “Medicines”.

I use the word “medicine” ironically here, because diet pills are far from it. It is surprising how popular they remain to be though. Most people know that they are not a healthy option, but desperate times often lead people to give them a try.

They are actually incredibly unhealthy and can cause people to lose weight in such an unhealthy fashion, that when they start eating properly and stop taking the pills, they just balloon up again and go right back to square one (or worse).

Losing weight too fast will just make your body unstable and look stretched. Kind of defeats the purpose of losing weight.

Diet Pills

Easy: Yes.

Healthy: No.

4.) Eating Healthily

Like exercise, healthy eating is the best option for a lot of people. Calories are not equal. Food is not equal either. By making sure only the right food goes into your body, you are going to be reducing the amount of fat your body stores, reducing the amount of calories that you need to burn, and ultimately becoming a lot healthier in the process.

It’s simple maths.

Some people with busy schedules or on a tight budget might find it difficult to eat healthily. Others simply don’t know which foods out there are the healthiest in the first place.

Eating Right

Easy: So-so.

Healthy: Yes.

5.) Nutrition

Taking nutritional supplements or even meal replacements is the best method for most people. If you don’t have time to exercise or shop for the healthiest foods, replacing your breakfast and/or another meal with healthy nutritious meals is the way to go. A lot of the better products are incredibly delicious and inexpensive too.

What is great about them is, not only do they restore balance to your body, meaning that fat just flies off, they are also quick and easy. Imagine waking up in the morning, having a quick easy breakfast, and going about your day, knowing that your body has the tools it needs to burn the fat FOR YOU.


Easy: Yes.

Healthy: Incredibly (Yes).

Losing weight with nutrition IS the best long term plan for everybody. It will make sure that weight comes off easily and healthily. Additionally, your body will be well equipped to keep that weight off forever.

What more you could want?

To learn more about losing weight with nutrition, click here.


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