Lose Weight On A Budget! Check Your Options

lose weight on a budgetTo lose weight on a budget, all you need to do is plan it carefully first and fit it into your schedule. Devise yourself a weight loss plan that matches your budget or less, and then off you go!

Good news! Weight loss is not about how much money you have. You don’t need to invest a certain amount of money in order to succeed. Yes, some plans are pretty expensive, but if you think all products and plans are expensive, I’ve got some news for you:

There are dozens of methods for losing weight on a budget, and you just need to choose one.

Let’s take a look at some now.

Exercise – it’s free!

Exercise isn’t going to cost you anything, except maybe a decent paid of running shoes. This is the most cost effective way of losing weight. Nothing is better.

It isn’t easy to lose weight with just exercise though, despite how it seems. It takes a strong determination to actually maintain an exercise routine once you’ve got over the initial high of starting it.

Additionally, exercising more usually means eating more, so unless you are careful, you might just end up undoing all that hard work.

Lose Weight On A Budget And Starve yourself – its even more free!

OK, I’m not being serious with this one. There’s no point in just trying to limit your food intake in order to lose weight. It’s not sustainable and it’s dangerous as well. Your body NEEDS food to function. No function means no weight loss. If you do manage to lose weight this way, as soon as you start eating again it comes back. Besides, you’d just lose muscle mass not fat in the first place.

I know most people don’t consider this method, but all ‘diets’ are just starvation. Not the way to go.

Try Store Bought ‘Diet’ Or ‘Low Fat’ Options

Sometimes these we will, but they are more a ‘healthier option’ than a weight loss solution. Remember Diet Coke? It didn’t exactly help you shed the pounds did it?

There are a lot of other diet programs you can buy in the supermarkets etc though, and many of them are suitable for those who are on a budget. However, be very wary as some of them contain additional unwanted ingredients and are generally low quality. You often get what you pay for.

Meal Replacement

Again something which has many different types, but equally something which can be very effective. Meal replacement is basically substituting a ‘normal’ meal for something designed to aid in weight loss, while still greeting you full.

We’re actually big fans of some nutritious meal replacements here at Love Being Slim. The right products can give you all the nutrients your body needs, keep you full and satisfied, taste amazing, make you lose weight like crazy..AND because they are often cheaper than your regular food, they help you lose weight on a budget.

If you want more information on this sort of thing, head over to this page.


I can’t really go into specifics about what is going to work for you, but I can give you some pointers and give you my opinion on various methods, and that’s what I’ve done here today. If you have any other questions, feel free to write them below.

Remember that weight loss doesn’t have to be expensive by any means, and buying something based on hype or excitement is never a good option.

Remember to check out our page on losing weight with nutrition


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