Losing Weight With Nutrition

losing weight with nutritionOK, if you’re serious enough to take a bit of time educating yourself, losing weight with nutrition can be one of the most effective ways not only of succeeding, but keeping it off too.

The reason I say “educating yourself” is because it’s not as simple as just eating healthily and watching the weight shed off. It’s not particularly complicated though either, so don’t fret about it.

This page is going to make everything simple and easy to understand, so that by the time you’re done reading (not long from now), you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get that healthy, toned, energetic and mostly importantly, slim body. Let’s get you moving so that you too can love being slim.

First I need to dispel a few myths about weight loss, so that you will better understand where I’m coming from:

  • Dieting is not the best way to lose weight (and can be pretty dangerous too)
  • Exercising alone is not the best way to lose weight
  • Calorie control is not the best way to lose weight

Why? Let’s go into more details.

Dieting – when you diet you starve your body. Not a good start to getting your body back into good shape is it? While starving your body is eventually going to result in weight loss, consider the following:

  1. Muscle is burned before fat, so you are losing weight, but the wrong type of weight.
  2. Dieting slows your metabolism down, this is counter-productive for burning fat.
  3. When you reach your goal weight and start eating properly again, you are just going to pile new fat on top of old fat. Most likely all you burned before was muscle. Oops!

Exercising – I don’t hate exercise at all. I recommend it. It’s just not enough. The worst is when people try to combine it with a diet. How can you exercise on less fuel? It seems illogical but so many people do it. How many succeed? It has to be a small percentage, and surely they succeeded due to pure determination, not the quality of their method.

Calorie Control – Again, I don’t hate calorie control. In essence, losing weight with nutrition is all about controlling calories, but most people don’t seem to take on board that not all calories are equal. A calorie is just a unit of energy.

Do you think 500 calories of cucumber is the same as 500 calories of doughnut? So, there is more to calorie control than just numbers.

If you are starting to realize where I’m coming from, great! Maybe you’ve tried one or more of these methods of weight loss before and failed. Hopefully now you understand why.

Losing Weight With Nutrition

Not only is nutrition the most sensible way to lose weight, the healthiest option, and one of the easiest methods to follow, it is also one of the most effective.

People are often put off by the thought of losing weight with nutrition. It’s not the most glamorous, it involves changing habits (gosh!) but more importantly, it isn’t necessarily noticeable right away.

When you exercise, you notice it. When you diet, you definitely notice it. When you simply change a few of your meal patterns, do you really notice?

Typically, people might lose 3-4 kg per month using nutrition, which seems slow to some. But when you consistently lose that amount (and for many people, a lot more) every month, it soon ads up.

I need to dispell a few more myths here, this time about nutrition:

  • Nutrition does not involve taking a bunch of medicine or weird foods
  • Good nutrition is not something you can dabble in here and there, it starts every day.
  • If you want to be healthy and lose weight, you can still enjoy most of your favorite foods.
  • Having good nutrition isn’t any more difficult or time consuming than eating refular food.

So now that you know a few untruths about nutrition, let’s take a look at some truths:

  • “Nutritious Foods” are easy to consume, are inexpensive, and are DE-LI-CIOUS
  • You can get all the nutrients your body needs for the day, just by changing your breakfast
  • Giving your body the right ingredients means it will fix itself. It just makes sense.

So What Exactly Is Nutrition?

It’s a bit of a tricky thing to understand sometimes, but nutrition basically means giving your body the nutrients it needs. We need about 114 different types of nutrients and amino acids every day. How many do you think most people get? I would hazard a guess of fewer than half.

By taking nutrition supplements (sometimes tablets, sometimes shakes or other foods), people can ensure that they give their body everything it needs.

Believe it or not, just by changing your breakfast to a healthy nutritious breakfast, you can start losing weight. By continuing to ensure you take other nutrition during the day, you can lose weight even faster. Here’s how it works:

  1. By starting your day correctly, you are setting your body up to function correctly.
  2. Not only are you now stopping incorrect food and incorrect calories coming into your body, you are also putting the right things in. Pretty soon your body will naturally start cleaning itself, functioning correctly, burning fat efficiently, and generally..losing weight like crazy.

Tailoring Nutrition To Your Needs

If you really want to take advantage of a healthy way to lose weight. It’s best to get in touch with us so we can help you tailor a nutrition plan to your own needs.

Like we said, we want to make it easy and simple for you.

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