Metabolism Is Faster In Winter

metabolism-is-faster-in-winterDid you know that your metabolism is faster in winter? About 10-15% faster in fact. This means that despite all the heavy-eating days we tend to go through during the festive period, it’s actually easier to lose weight in the colder months.

Faster metabolism equals faster fat burn, faster calorie burn, and all round easier weight loss. How so? Because the simple fact is that if you are burning calories fast enough, you”ll ultimately lose weight. Weight loss is not as simple as reducing calories, but burning them faster is always going to be beneficial.

It’s All About The Weather

In the hot summer months, our bodies slow down (hence feeling really lazy on hot days), and we burn calories slower. The basic metabolic rate slows down. This means that when we are lazing around the house, we are being that much slower at using up calories. Fortunately, in the summer we tend to be more active, so it cancels out the reduced basic burn.

In the winter though, we might not go out as much, but while sitting at home shivering, our bodies are exercising away. This is a great thing, as weight loss isn’t just about the occasional exercise, it’s about the bigger picture and consistent activity and burn.

Having an increased basic metabolism (eating the right nutrition to start your day also helps this) will mean that having a consistency activity level will be easier to achieve. Considering how much we tend to eat in December, and how little we tend to go out, that is a great thing.

So don’t feel bad about putting on weight over the upcoming holidays, instead keep yourself motivated. Your body is on your side.

How Does Exercise Fit In?

Of course, it’s only your BASIC metabolic rate that is increased in winter. Exercising is going to give you the same great benefits whether you do them in summer or winter. Exercise naturally raises your metabolism, which results in even greater weight loss.

Combine exercise with your winter metabolism and really see the benefits. Start your New Year’s resolution early 🙂

Along with exercise, other things you can try to increase your metabolism and success rates include nutrition and sleeping early. Your metabolism is affected by the time of day, and waking up early, having a good breakfast early, and getting enough rest, is all going to translate into that healthy, active lifestyle I talked about earlier.

Learn more about nutrition and weight loss here.

One more thing, if I don’t get a chance to say it to you sooner…Happy New Year!


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  1. This definitely holds true for the Southeast U.S., which is where I live. Our Winters are cool-to-mild & crisp but seldomly ever overly cold to where it’s hard to do outdoor activities. Also, being in mid-latitudes, we still get 10+ hours of daylight in Winter, so lack of daylight isn’t really much of an issue here. Given these, I have my best success overall on the dietary front during the Winter season.
    On the other hand, our Summers are hot & humid, and it certainly has a slowing down effect on me – more in that I get more relaxed about things in general. For me, typical Southeast U.S. Summers have never been conducive to success on the dietary front. I stay active as far as exercise, but I find it harder to eat healthy during that season. The dewpoints and humidity in particular causes water retention in me as well

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