Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth

Prenatal Vitamins

The buzz about prenatal vitamins and hair growth has been making its rounds in the discussions of the health-conscious for some time now. The connection between taking these vitamins and seeing an increase in hair growth is evident so far, and a lot of women are seeing great results taking these vitamins. Prenatal vitamins contain a number of nutrients that your hair needs to grow, including biotin, iron and vitamin C.

However, the biggest question is: can you take prenatal vitamins for hair growth if you are not pregnant? The answer to that is a definite yes. Prenatal vitamins are generally geared towards better health, and even for a woman who is not expecting they can be a great plus.

Hair growth is often linked to a number of vitamins including zinc, iron, and vitamins A, B, C, and D. There is a diverse range of prenatal vitamins available on the market today, and depending on your budget, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find a perfect supplement. However, always consult with your doctor just to be sure what supplements are ideal for you and which ones are not.

Good vitamins should be easy to swallow or chew, have the right vitamins and minerals, and be free of filler ingredients. Keep reading to learn about some of your ideal options.


Rainbow Light Prenatal One

The Rainbow Light prenatal One is an effective mix of crucial vitamins and is not only perfect for hair growth but also for prenatal health. The supplement is ideal for any woman even if she is not pregnant. The supplements are vegetarian and free of filler ingredients, plus they contain ginger so they’re easier for you to digest. A 150-pill bottle costs about $25.

The Pros

  • Pure supplement that is gluten, yeast, lactose, and sugar free
  • Contains a number of important vitamins and nutrients including biotin and copper
  • Has 100 percent of the recommended daily value of biotin
  • Easy to use since you only need to take one pill per day
  • Gentle on the stomach and easy to swallow
  • One serving in one tablet

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The Cons

  • Has been digestion-enhanced with enzymes and probiotics, which can cause gas and bloating if you don’t need them (but is good otherwise)
  • The price point is relatively higher than the average on the market

The best thing about the Rainbow Light Prenatal One vitamins is that they contain all the vitamins you need for healthy hair growth. It is indeed a perfect choice for women who are looking for their daily dose of vitamins in just one pill. If your doctor has advised you to stay away from probiotics (it can be easy to get a lot with these pills, which can change your intestinal flora over time), these will not work for you. Otherwise, they’re a great choice, especially if you need something free of allergens.


Nature Made Multi-Prenatal

The Nature Made Multi Prenatal is the ideal supplement for women on a tight budget. The product is a multivitamin supplement that offers vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. A 250-count bottle costs about $16.

The Pros

  • Low-cost option for women who are looking for a multi-vitamin supplement
  • Gluten-free
  • Highly dissolvable to make nutrients available to your body immediately
  • One serving is one tablet

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The Cons

  • Offers only 50 perceny of the recommended daily value for vitamin A and may not suit people who don’t eat a healthy diet
  • Doesn’t contain biotin

The Nature Made Multi-Prenatal is a great option if you don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of money on supplements. It offers a variety of essential nutrients and vitamins for hair growth and therefore is great value for the money. If you’re looking for something with biotin, however, look elsewhere.


VitaFusion Prenatal

VitaFusion Prenatal vitamin gummies come with added Omega-3 and DHA as well as a mix of crucial vitamins and nutrients that help in the growth of strong and healthy hair. This is a multi-vitamin supplement with enough folic acid for hair growth as well. A three-pack of 90-count bottles costs about $35.

The Pros

  • The supplement is delicious and easy to take
  • Contains enough folic acid and omega 3 DHA
  • Allergen-free
  • Contains as much folic acid as five cups of spinach (which is great for hair growth)
  • One serving is one tablet

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The Cons

  • Doesn’t contain iron

The VitaFusion Prenatal is a perfect supplement that offers both prenatal health benefits and quality hair-growth nutrients. It’s a great choice for women who are looking for an easy-to-use vitamin, and you probably won’t mind the flavor of this one. It’s also a great value for the cost and is one of the least expensive options around, but you’ll sacrifice iron in order to save money if you do choose this.


New Chapter Prenatal Multi-vitamin

The New Chapter Prenatal Multi-vitamin is a certified organic multi-vitamin supplement that offers you a daily dose of all the essential vitamins for health and hair growth. These supplements also feature added vegetables, including broccoli and kale, which are calcium-rich for strong hair and nails. A 190-count bottle costs about $42.

The Pros

  • 100 percent organic, gluten-free product
  • Can be taken any time, even on an empty stomach
  • Offers a blend of herbs, minerals, and vitamins

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The Cons

  • One serving is three tablets
  • High price

The New Chapter Prenatal Multi-vitamin supplement is a great option if you want something all-inclusive (not just for hair) and are looking for something organic. The organic ingredients, however, are what make the product so expensive. You also need to take three of these every day to get your recommended daily values for biotin and iron, so you might go through them quickly. As far as organic items go, this is a great choice.



Buying the perfect prenatal vitamins supplement is a great idea for maintaining healthy hair. There are so many vitamins out there, but the four above are some of the best when it comes to great hair growth. The Rainbow Light Prenatal One earns the top spot due to its low cost, comprehensive ingredients list, and the fact that you only need to take one per day.

As for second place, the VitaFusion Prenatal tastes great and is easy to consume, but it doesn’t have any iron. The third-place spot foes to the Nature Made Multi Prenatal; it’s cost-effective but doesn’t contain biotin, which you’ll have to supplement with other pills.


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