Protein Shakes For Women – For Bulking Or Slimming?

Protein Shakes For WomenI think that there is a lot of confusion surrounding the purpose of protein shakes for women. For everyone really. Most people associate protein shakes with men who are trying to bulk up. That IS a  part of what they are used for, but it’s actually just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’ve read my post about the healthiest breakfast, you will understand the importance of protein. Protein based diets are essential to maintain health, weight, and even energy. That doesn’t mean you should ignore carbs and throw protein at yourself, but hear me out.

Protein shakes have a lot of virtues and should be considered for anybody who is interested in improving their diet. They should not just be written off as something for body builders, athletes, or “fitness freaks”.

Protein Shakes For Women – Weight Loss

I always recommend people to lose weight with nutrition. At the end of the day, being overweight is a lifestyle problem, and usually stems from a poor diet (as well as lack of exercise). Protein shakes can be a great solution to this. If you’ve either felt that you should improve your diet and lifestyle in order to lose weight, but don’t know how, or don’t have the time, or are just too lazy (I know, it happens to us all!), then consider protein shakes.

Simply by changing your breakfast you can set the wheels of weight loss in motion. Really!

You might be thinking “Wait, lose weight? I thought protein shakes were for gaining weight!” and that’s fine. Read this post on healthy breakfast for learn more.

For Energy

I’ve started my day with one almost every day since 2009, and absolutely swear by them. Nothing is better for maintaining my energy levels and health levels. Without wanting to brag, I can’t remember the last time I was properly sick either.

Energy is an interesting thing. We often float through the day thinking that life is tiring or we need to sleep more and so on. Actually we just need to start the day correctly. Health and nutrition are vital to our body’s performance.

A car doesn’t perform great with the wrong oil, so why should our bodies? Get some protein in there in the morning!

For Fitness

This should be more familiar for you. Most people know that protein is essential in building and repairing muscles, and that is absolutely true. People who work out often, athletes, or just people who want to be able to perform better at sport can definitely get a boost from a shake.

It doesn’t really matter if you have one before your exercise or after, but I usually feel hungry afterwards, so down goes a shake.

Such An Easy Solution

If you hate having to choose your food carefully, watch what you eat, try to find the balance everywhere, keep track of everything, and struggle to find the time. A protein shake IS the easy. It takes 5-10 minutes of your time, costs less than McDonald’s, and tastes delicious if mixed with fruit (or if you buy a flavored shake).

Why not give one a try?

So Many Uses But Be Careful

Yes I absolutely recommend protein shakes for women, regardless of what their physical situation is. However, I would definitely say that you should use them within reason. Everyone has a different body, so therefore needs a different amount of protein and a different type of diet.

Additionally, since shakes are so fashionable, there are many cheap versions on the market which are plain useless.

Some of them use animal protein which isn’t advisable, and others have an incorrect balance of nutrients, or worse, a complete lack of nutrients. It’s not just a case of walking into the supermarket and buying the first (or cheapest) one you see.

If you are seriously interested in learning more, and you want to know where to find the best products for you, then you should fill out this standard health questionnaire, it will just involve a few questions to get the idea of your lifestyle. After that, we’ll get in touch with you with some basic advice and let you go from there.


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