Sports Dietary Nutrition – What Nutrients Do You Need?

sports-dietary-nutritionNutrition plays an important role when you exercise. It helps you to generate better and longer energy for performance and recovery. There are nutrition companies putting out excellent products to help athletes, amateur and professional, to get enhanced performances.

The problem is, for every decent product, there are dozens of “me too” products, which sadly, don’t offer much in the way of nutrition.

How do you go about choosing? And how do you structure a nutrition plan to suit your exercise?

You Need Carbohydrate Based Nutrition To Improve Your Performance

Before exercise, eating Carbs can help you to reach higher strength and stamina, it also helps you to boost fat burn afterwards. During exercise, for example a 10k run, if you take on carbs , they’ll will provide you longer performance than the person who just drinks water.

Good nutrition is a lifestyle.

If you give your body fuel, it won’t be exhausted. You’ll help your body to recover quickly and prepare for the next run.

Sports Dietary Nutrition – Good Carbs You Should Eat

Although sugary drinks, white bread, white rice and candy are all a source of carbs, all of them contain simple carbs. To give a simple explanation, simple carbs cause your blood sugar to instantly rise and fall during a short period of time. It’s not stable so it’s not a good source of carbs.

On the contrary, there are some good carbs which is a better source to provide you with a stable blood sugar, better energy and it fills you up. Good carbs include whole grain, oatmeal, brown rice, jacket potato, vegetables and fruit.

If you drink nutrition shakes, you can add one set of good carbs such as two spoons of oatmeal or a small portion of cooked potato into the shake to blend.

You Need Fat

When you choose to eat meat, choose to eat white meat like chicken or fish or lean meat more. Soy protein is a good choice too. By avoiding bad fat (= less bad fatty acid), you can reduce the possibilities leading you to cholesterol which means lower possibility to develop cardiovascular problems.

Nowadays, due to the fried food eating habit we tend to follow, the balance fatty acid (omega-6 and omega-3) in our body has changed.  You need both in balance, but for most people omega-6 is way too high. You can try to make it up by eating more omega-3 to reach a balanced ratio.

Your body can’t produce it by itself, it comes from food. So, what is good a source of omega-3 for you?

Good Sources of Fat You Should Eat

Good quality of omega-3 comes from deep sea fish such as mackerel, salmon, or sardine… etc. Nut is a good source to get too. You can buy a  small nut pack  from supermarket as a snack. Normally, it mixes with chestnuts, cashew nuts, sesame or almond.

When you cook, you can choose olive oil or canola oil. You should avoid using margarine because it contains almost all omega-6 and other bad fatty acids.

You Need Protein Based Nutrition

Carbs, fat and protein are key nutrition for your body, even more so when doing sport. If you lack protein, your muscle mass will decrease, your immune system will become weak and it can be very serious to affect your heart and respiratory system. That’s how important protein is for your body. You should eat it daily.

Protein is vital for repairing muscles after you exercise. Muscles ARE protein, and the more healthy protein you have in your body, the more healthy your body will be.

Good Sources of Protein You Should Eat

Eating meat doesn’t exactly mean you are eating good protein. The ideal source is from plants, not from animal because it comes with more fat. While all beans provide protein, soybeans jump to the top of the  list when it comes to protein quality.  People call it “the meat in the farm”. It’s good protein to eat.

Some soybean products such as soy drink,  soy yogurt, miso, tofu, edamame, soy protein shake…etc are recommended.  After muscle training, you need to take protein to help your body to grow and recover.

Remember to take it within two hours of exercising in order to catch the best timing for body.


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