Stay Focused Losing Weight – But Focus RIGHT

stay-focused-losing-weightTo stay focusing losing weight, you’ve got to start focusing on the bigger picture. You might think that it makes no sense for me to say “don’t focus on losing weight,” but it actually makes a lot of sense.

Short-term thinking like “losing weight as fast as possible” is generally going to result in short term success. Maybe you’ll pull it off, lose some weight, and feel happy.

But what happens after that?

Without a “bigger picture” clear in your mind, you’ll likely end up back where you started.

On the other hand, if you’re able to make some more fundamental ‘bigger picture’ changes, you’re always going to get better, and longer lasting effects.

I’m talking about the picture of your overall health. Focusing on your health and fitness instead of your weight should be your number one priority right now.

Before you start rolling your eyes and saying “Duh!”, hear me out.

  1. There’s no point being skinny but unhealthy. Aside from looking better and attracting some attention from jealous friends, you’ll still need to improve.
  2. If you put some effort into Improving your health, through exercise and nutrition, then weight loss is just going to be a natural side affect of this. I’d say as side affects go, it’s a pretty good one.
  3. Because your new body will have formed as a result of health and fundamental changes to your lifestyle, it will be impossibly easy to keep it that way.

Stay Focused Losing Weight By Focusing On Health

This here website is called LoveBeingSlim, not LoveLosingWeight. We want to help you create that mindset that leads to you living a healthy lifestyle, which in turn let’s you too love being slim.

The best tool nature has given us for a “cure-all” medicine, is exercise.

Working-out, getting your blood pumping, or even going for brisk walks really performs wonders. It improves your moods, relieves headaches, stress and tension; it even helps fight off basic illness.

You all know this already of course. I’m not trying to tell you anything new, I’m just trying to get you to shift your focus.

You’ll find that just by eating more healthily, sleeping earlier and exercising a little more, weight will naturally start to come off your body.

Not only that, but this active lifestyle will be way more easy to maintain than any other weight loss method you’ll try.

Trust me on that one.

Learn to be patient and view things from an ever so slightly different perspective, and you’ll find huge differences in your results.

Besides, once you start feeling more healthy, EVERYTHING feels easier. Working-out is easier, getting through the day is easier, life is easier.

Being slim is easier.

It all starts with balanced diets and nutrition.



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