Weight Loss Plans For Men – Are They Worth It?

weight loss plans for menYou might think that there are not as many weight loss plans for men out there as there are for women, but you would be wrong! There are so many out there, a lot of them focusing on fat burn and lean muscle building, and others just general weight loss guides.

Do any of these have any substance or value to them? 

So earlier in the week we talked about creating a weight loss plan for women, but a lot of the same values we listed there hold true for men. If you are interested in creating your own plan, rather than following along with a prescribed method, then by all means go and check it out.

On this post, I’m going to talk about the various types of weight loss plans out there, why some of them might be good, and why some of them will doom you to fail. Names won’t be named, but you will have a much better idea of which plans to steer clear of by the time you are done reading this.

Weight Loss Plans For Men All Share The Same Fundamental Flaw

Not just plans for men even, but 90% of all weight loss plans are missing something. They don’t address the main question:

Why do we get fat in the first place?

There’s not a really simple answer to this question because it is quite personal to individuals. That’s another reason why many prescribed weight loss plans fail too. They don’t customize to the individual.

This is our body we are talking about, it’s not the same as anybody else’s, so why follow a generic plan?

Make It Work For You

So you may have guessed that I’m a fan of tailoring your plan to suit YOUR needs. It makes sense, but I think many people would rather just have somebody tell them “Do this. Don’t do this.”

That’s fine actually, it’s just that advice needs to be given after an analysis of the needs of that individual. This is why on our “losing weight with nutrition” page, we make you fill out a survey before giving you more detailed advice.

Knowing Whether A Plan Is Likely To Work Or Not

As you can tell, I don’t really like many of the generic plans out there. To recap, this is for the following reasons:

  1. They don’t deal with the reason people get fat in the first place, they mostly talk about some new “wonder” method.
  2. They give generic advice without finding out information about the individual
  3. In more cases than not, if they DO help people lose weight, they don’t help them keep it off.

If you can’t keep the weight off, what’s the point?

So next time you are checking out a weight loss plan, why not ask yourself exactly what it is offering you and what it is planning to do for you.

If you really want to follow a plan, tailor one to your own specific needs, or better yet, fill out the survey here and let us tailor one for you.


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