What Is A Tanita Scale? And What Does It Do?

What exactly is a Tanita scale? Let me tell you a story that should help you understand its importance.

My friend and I are both 50kg, why do people say she looks skinnier than me? Well, imagine 50kg of iron and cotton on the table, which one looks bigger? Cotton!

The same weights don’t necessarily share the same appearances, just like me and my friend.

Iron is like your muscle mass, cotton is like your body fat.

When you have a high percentage of body fat, you will look fluffy (or you could say chubby). On the contrary if you look fit, people might not believe your weight is the same.

Lose Weight?

Although people say “lose weight”, there’s no guarantee that after you lose weight you’ll look slim. You lost 3kg! It doesn’t mean you lost those 3kgs from the right part of your body. It might be just losing water or muscle. That’s not good news to go forward with, is it?

Your body composition includes water, body fat, and muscle mass, and so on.

That’s all combined to make your WEIGHT.

 “Lose weight” should really be “lose fat”.

Making sure to lose weight from the right part (fat, not muscle) of your body is very important and necessary.

This is where Tanita inner-scan comes in.We use a Tanita scale to show us the composition of our bodies. You can use one too, so you’ll know if you’re using the correct method to lose weight or not.

The WRONG method will make you lose water and muscle mass, not body fat. A Tanita scale will show this. Sometimes, it can be very serious and dangerous if you lose “weight” but not fat. Here’s my question to you:

What kind of scale do you use to measure yourself?

Basic bathroom scales that only show your weight (kg/ lbs)?

How do you know if you’ve lost fat or not? You don’t. Tanita scales show a lot more than just weight. They’ll show you a different set of numbers including WEIGHT, BMI, BODY FAT, MUSCLE MASS, BONE MASS, VISCERAL FAT, BMR, METABOLIC AGE, BODY WATER%

What Is A Tanita scale? It’s A Window Inside Your Body!

You might not know what the above words (BMI, BMR etc) mean, they are pretty confusing at first! I’ve got some simple notes to share with you:

1) BMI = Body Mass Index. Your ideal weight range. It’s an easy way to calculate if you are overweight. But, even people with an ideal weight could still  have a fat problem. Skinny girls might have “skinny fat “which means their body fat is too high. By looking at their appearance, you can’t see the fat because it’s hidden well in their bodies, between organs and in arteries.

2) Body Fat. Pinch your underarm, waist, belly, thigh or bottom. That’s your body fat. We have just enough to look pretty and feminine.

3) Visceral Fat. This is the fat around your organs such as heart, lungs, liver and belly. They need fat to protect them. You need some but not too much. If your body fat is already higher than the ideal range, plus high v-fat, it will cause you some chronic diseases more easily. Please pay attention to this statistic. You need good diet or nutrition to reduce it.

4) Muscle Mass. Ideal muscle mass will help you to burn fat more efficiently. You don’t want to lose weight without obtaining a good shape, do you? Athletes’ muscle mass is higher than normal people’ such as football players, they look more in-shape and more sexy!

5) Bone Mass. It’s the total amount of mineral and calcium in your bones. It’s a little known secret that ideal calcium is helpful for weight loss. Wrong weight loss methods such as dieting or pills, will decrease your amount of calcium. It’s not good when we get older.

6) BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). It’s the minimum number of calories your body requires if you stayed in bed doing nothing all day. Low BMR = Low speed of weight loss. Here’s an article about calculating your ideal BMR.

7) Metabolic Age. All numbers from the scale are relevant. After calculating these numbers, this is your physical age. If it’s younger than your actual age, it means your body condition is ideal. Congratulations!! If not, you’d better start to improve it!

8) Total Body Water. Water is important every day. Not to mention when you intend to lose weight. 2000cc (2Liters) is a good goal to reach. By drinking the correct amount of water, you will feel your body is working. Giving your body more water will give it a better circulation. Especially if you have a constipation problem, you should drink more.

Find Tanita Scales On Amazon

The most important 3 sets of numbers on a Tanita Scale

Low Body fat↓, Low visceral fat↓ and High BMR↑ = successful fat loss

Pay attention to them!


How much do they cost?

They range from $50 to around $120. Most people will only need a basic one which can measure the above stats. You might see some of the more expensive versions in Gyms or Clinics, but unless you are planning some heavy duty useage, stick with a standard one.

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Giver Of Information

It gives you so much more information than just kg/lbs, doesn’t it? And for only a few extra dollars.

Although sometimes all sets of numbers are crucial and you want to cry, it gives you an early warning before you gain more body fat.

You can also use it as basic information to take care of yourself or your family. Inner-scans are not only useful for weight loss, but for general fitness and health.

I think they’re very useful tools to assist you. I definitely recommend them. I own two!

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