What Is BMR? – How To Check Your Ideal Numbers

what-is-bmrWhat Is BMR?

I noticed lots of people don’t know what it means. Let’s clarify it here.

BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate

Do you know you use energy even when you are sleeping or doing nothing all day? You use it every second. You are now breathing, your heart’s beating, pulse is throbbing, and so on. You can call them daily activities. Your body works 24/7 in order to keep you alive. You know this already, but do you know exactly how it works? Where does the energy source come from?

It comes from burning your calories! Your body burns a certain number of calories to do it. This is yourBMR. The “basal” part means the minimum. In other words, it’s the minimum number of calories your body requires if you stayed in bed doing nothing all day.

What is your ideal BMR?

Generally speaking, BMR for men is 1500 cal/day and for women is 1200 cal/day.

But everyone’s body structure is different, I’d like to suggest to you how to calculate it more accurately using the following:

BMR for Men: =(13.7×weight(kg)) + (5.0×height(cm)) – (6.8×age) + 66
BMR for Women=(9.6×weight(kg)) + (1.8×height(cm)) – (4.7×age) + 655

Once you’ve calculated your ideal BMR, you can use a Tanita Scale (either use your own if you have one, or visit a local gym/health center/drug store and see if they have one) to check your current BMR.

Is it too high, too low, or just right?

What If Your BMR is lower than it should be?

If it’s higher or similar, you don’t need to worry about it now. Your body has good circulation. You have a good lifestyle. Stick to it. Also, compared with some people who have lower BMR, you probably don’t gain weight easily.

What if it’s lower? It’s not good and you’d better do something to increase it.

Why? Imagine your body is a factory. All the workers have their own jobs to do. But now some workers decided to go on strike. Everything is going to be delayed. Since some of them don’t work, you’re not able to run the whole factory (your body). The head person will decide to shut down some minor functions so it can support more important ones (such as your heart) running. It’s not good for your health and also it’s bad for the speed of weight loss. Your body can’t burn fat efficiently if some “machines” are turned off!

You are now cutting off calories? Surely it’s fine as long as it’s not lower than your BMR!

So, how do you ask those workers to go back to work? Here are some tips for you:

1)      Don’t eat breakfast too late

2)      Don’t stay up too late

3)      Reach 2000cc of water per day(at least)

4)      Build lean muscle by working out or easy exercise like taking a walk regularly

5)      Eat varieties of food or take balanced nutrition

6)      Have a bath

BMR now and later

Lots of people say they don’t eat a lot but still gain weight easily recently.

Or, “Believe me, I am able to gain weight by just drinking plain water!!”


“I try to eat as little as I can, but it’s so hard for me to lose just 1kg!”

It’s crazy, isn’t it? Actually, what they are doing is making their bodies slow down their BMR.

How come you starve factory workers and ask them to work? It’s not going to happen. They need food! They need healthy food! Stop feeding them junk food to burden them. It takes time to get the rubbish out of your system This is a major reason why dieting doesn’t work for most people.

If your BMR is in a safe area now, you are all right. But is it guaranteed to stay the same number in three years or five years or forever? The answer is NO.

Apart from your lifestyle, it gets lower and lower when we age. It happens to everyone sadly.

If it’s lower than it should be in future, you know what to do, don’t you?

Weight loss is not a miracle, it’s about science.

If you have a good lifestyle and you also follow the above tips, you can maintain your body size or health well no matter how old you are.


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