What Is Skinny Fat? It’s Better To Be Skinny FIT!

what-is-skinny-fatWhat is Skinny fat? How can you be skinny and fat?

It sounds so conflicting, doesn’t it? How can you be skinny and fat at the same time? You can also call this type of person a Puffy Person. Why? Imagine what puff is like. It has skin outside and loads of butter (fat) inside. The fat is hidden by skin so you can’t easily see it. Being Puffy is not heavy.

So, when Puffy People measure themselves, it’s not heavy and they don’t worry about losing weight. They think they’re healthy too. Generally speaking, skinny-fat people don’t look fat but they secretly carry a lot of excess body fat.

Well, these people might not want to admit this but…they are obese.

Obese simply means that person has too much body fat regardless of their weight. It’s possible to have skinny-fat.  Once again, even if your body weight is within a safe range, you could still be obese.

This is the ideal body-fat range:

Roughly 22~25% of body fat for young women ; 15~20% for young men. When we age, the average body fat goes up somewhat.

What Is Skinny Fat? Are YOU guilty?

Actually, there are SO MANY people walking on the street with skinny-fat. It’s very much relevant to what you eat.

Particularly, you can see Asian people are normally skinny, but most of them have skinny fat problems nowadays. Because the food we eat now isn’t like the food from before, it’s more complicated and rich.

 Skinny-Fat people:

  • Don’t eat breakfast
  • Like to drink sugary drinks
  • Like to eat cake
  • Like to eat processed food
  • Only lift light things.
  • Zero exercise

Some are even afraid to grow muscle, but ironically they are the group who needs muscle the most. Skinny-fat people don’t like doing strength training so when touched, it’s surprising to feel the skin is so soft and you don’t feel much muscle.

If the person is young, the skin can still hold the fat. (You can picture it like a dry Puffy Person). If the person is old, there’s vitually zero muscle feeling. (Like wet Puffy Person)

Skinny-Fat isn’t 100% unnoticeable. You can notice it when they raise their arms to say goodbye. You’ll be waved off by fat jiggling underarms with no strength. Also, when they wear jeans, you can see the fat hanging on the waist. It’s embarrassing to be seen, isn’t it?

Low Calorie Diets and Skinny Fat

 Skinny-Fat is often seen in people who like to follow low calorie diets to lose weight. The problem is this type of diet is strictly focusing on calorie restrictions only; there is not much value on nutrition.

When the weight bounces back (it almost certainly will), they start the plan again and later again. You might lose a few kilograms at the beginning with this method, but you also lose muscle. At the end, you lose muscle mass and your body fat gets higher and higher. Low calorie restrictions also cause you no energy, feeling tired and you won’t be active about exercising. It’s a vicious circle.

Tips to reduce body/skinny fat:

  •  Choose to eat unprocessed food
  • Eat breakfast
  • Adequate protein is important, to help build muscle. When muscle increases, skinny fat goes down
  • Drink 2 liters of water every day
  • Get more active – do some strength training and build your muscle. Hire a personal trainer to assist you if you don’t know what to do
  • Don’t be afraid if your weight increases (It means your muscle is growing)
  • It’s fashionable to have body shape and to be strong


 Ladies’ Secret Talk:

Strong girls are attractive! You are healthy. You are toned. You have stamina. You can carry a baby easily. You don’t need to hide certain fat parts.

Skinny girls are pretty when they wear clothes; strong girls are pretty when they are naked. I encourage you to work on it and soon you will turn the skinny fat to skinny “fit”.


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