What Is The Healthiest Breakfast?

what is the healthiest breakfast?

You must have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s true. It’s not difficult to understand the importance of breakfast, yet so many people skip it. For those who don’t skip it, the question “What is the healthiest breakfast?” is actually quite a difficult one to answer. There are just so many options these days, which one do we go with?

So What Is The Healthiest Breakfast?

I’m going to make things easy for you. There are essentially only three different types of breakfast. Well, two really. The third type is “no breakfast”. Virtually every breakfast falls into one of these categories, and I’m now going to go through each one with you, explaining exactly what it does, why it is healthy or unhealthy, and how you can change your health, energy and weight dramatically by switching to the correct breakfast. Let’s go.

Your body needs 114 different types of nutrient and amino acid every day. It uses this nutrition for two main purposes:

  1. To give you energy throughout the day
  2. To repair your body while you sleep.

In addition, you also need water to function. When you wake up, your body is empty. You’ve used up all your nutrients (if you had them all in the first place) and you lose a lot of water through sweat and that morning trip to the bathroom.

This is why breakfast is so important. Your body is crying out for nutrients and fuel, but what do you give it? Toast? Bagels? Cereal? Coffee?

Carbohydrate-Based Breakfast

Most people have a carbohydrate based breakfast. Many more of those people don’t even realize how much this type of breakfast is setting them up for a bad cycle throughout the whole day. If you suffer low energy, cravings for snacks or bakery products, and feel yourself spiking and falling throughout that day, this affects you more than most.

When you eat carbohydrates, they are turned to sugar in your blood. Even if you are eating sugar free cereals, the cereal itself is increasing your blood-sugar. We need sugar, but only a very small amount. Our bodies haven’t really evolved enough to properly process sugar yet.

What usually happens is this:

  1. Your blood sugar level spikes, you feel awake and alert (probably why you keep having this kind of breakfast, it wakes you up).
  2. Your blood sugar level goes into the ‘too much’ zone, your body responds by producing insulin to remove the sugar from your blood. (Where does that excess sugar go? It mostly gets converted and stored as fat – oops!)
  3. Insulin is too efficient at its job and removes too much sugar. Your energy level drops.
  4. Your energy level drops into the opposite end of the spectrum, the ‘too little’ zone. You feel hungry again. This basically gets you craving snacks and sugar. (Ever feel tired and hungry around 10.30 to 11am?). You aren’t sure why, but your brain basically tells you ‘I want sugar!’
  5. You tend to choose something carb based for your lunch. Sandwiches, snacks, bagels, and coffee etc. Coffee is caffeine based rather than carb based, but the effect is basically the same.
  6. Here we go again..your blood sugar level spikes, you produce insulin to deal with it, and before you know it, you are sleepy again. Did you ever wonder why you feel sleepy after lunch? It’s not just because all the blood is in your stomach trying to break down those complex carbs you ate, it’s also because the insulin has removed all that sugar from your body already.

carbs based breakfast

I’d like to point out a misconception many people make here. The sugar isn’t from eating sugar, it’s from eating carbs, which get converted to blood-sugar. Even if you avoid sugar, you can still suffer this problem.

That cycle tends to continue for the rest of the day, you snack before dinner, you feel sleepy after dinner and so on.

One thing I find when explaining this to people is that they fail to understand the concept. It is really quite simple. Also they often start to avoid carbs, which again is wrong. Carbs are needed for energy, just not in huge doses.

No Breakfast

When you skip your breakfast, the cycle is basically the same, you just start on a down instead of an up. Either way, that first meal you finally do have is likely to be full of carbs and sugars. Weeeeee, up goes your blood sugar level, and in comes the insulin, I’ve explained what happens next already.

I also find a lot of people who skip breakfast tend to drink coffee as their breakfast. This is just as absurd, since the caffeine in coffee forces your blood sugar levels up too. People who drink coffee also tend to say they don’t feel hungry. This is because of the insulin present in your blood.

There are countless reasons to avoid these two breakfast types, which I’ll go into briefly now:

  1. Every time your body releases insulin and turns blood sugar into fat, you are gaining fat. Even if you are a slim person, you will have lots of internal fat. Check your body fat percentage some time and see.
  2. This is one of the biggest factors in people developing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is basically an insulin problem.
  3. Having your energy levels go up and down all day is a bit of a nightmare and not very productive at all.
  4. People who are stuck in this kind of cycle often neglect to take proper nutrition and their bodies often go without many of the things they need over the course of the day.
  5. No matter how much exercise you do, how much dieting you might do, if you do not eliminate the CAUSE of weight-gain, everything else is going to be short lived and become a waste of time.

skipping breakfast

So now, onto the final type of breakfast, the correct type of breakfast.

A Balanced Breakfast

When you wake up and put balanced nutrition and protein in your body, everything is dramatically different. Not only does it go right to your brain, so you feel alert and awake, but you also kill the energy spike issues right from the start. Protein doesn’t turn to blood sugar, so your energy levels always stay within the optimum range (as shown in the chart below).

This means that you don’t feel compelled to snack, and at lunch and dinner you don’t over eat or turn to carb based foods.

In terms of being slim, you are now doing two things:

  1. You are stopping excess blood sugar being turned to fat
  2. Your body uses existing fat to boost energy, rather than turning to carbs.

Suddenly, instead of gaining weight each time you eat, you are burning fat between meals when your body needs an energy top up.

protein based breakfast

Protein is also great for building muscle, so you start to look healthier and more toned naturally. This is even more noticeable if you are somebody who exercises often.

The most important thing you, is balanced nutrition. Make sure you are giving your body EVERYTHING it needs, and it will start to take care of itself.

Can you see now why simply changing your breakfast can drastically change your health and eating habits right away?

Additionally, it is also easier to make sure your body gets its required nutrients if you aren’t constantly chasing carbs and energy.

A quick note:

A lot of people read this then wonder how to get a protein based breakfast, or worse, start avoiding carbs and throwing protein onto their plates. These three types of breakfasts are carbs and protein BASED, but it is not simply a case of carbs vs protein.

You need to make sure you get the 114 nutrients that your body needs, as well as getting sufficient water too. If you know how to get that, then great!

However, I think the majority of people can’t properly follow this type of breakfast without help. You now understand what we are getting at, but do you know where to get the best breakfast?

Nutrition is quite a personal experience sometimes, and different people with different body conditions need different amounts of nutrition.

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